13 May 2012

TSA Agent Bully0

As often as I fly, I consider myself pretty lucky regarding my experiences with the TSA. Until today, I have only had to opt out of the ‘strip-me-naked’ scanner twice – once in Atlanta as I was flying to Miami, and then in Miami, as I was flying back to Atlanta after my trip to […]

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17 Oct 2011


A nomad I will remain for life, in love with distant and uncharted places. Isabelle Eberhardt So, for the first time ever I met someone today who told me that she had read my blog. I knew my daughter read it occasionally (thank you Molly), but wasn’t sure if anyone else bothered. So, Ashley, thank […]

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20 Jul 2011

The Romance of Shoes0

If you’ve read The 5 Love Languages then you’ll understand what I mean when I say that “Gifts” is not my love language. Or at least, I didn’t think it was. I would have rated it as #5 not so long ago. But now I wonder if my reluctance to receive gifts had more to do […]

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9 Jul 2011

Dear MoveOn.org,0

Your recent email had the subject line “Our democracy isn’t working”. Yes, you’re right. That’s because we’re not a democracy. We’re a constitutional republic. Admittedly, that’s not working real great either lately, since the constitution is regularly ignored by our elected officials. We’re supposed to operate by the “rule of law”, not the “rule of […]

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8 Jul 2011

Google +0

Feeling slightly geeky and little bit proud. I successfully figured out where to put the Google +1 script into the editor to get it to render. Not exactly where I want it, but close enough. At least it’s not at the top of the header where I had it originally. :)

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6 Jul 2011

Molly rocks!3

If you know Molly, that’s not exactly news to you. If you don’t, allow me to convince you. This is her homework for today- Children should earn their allowance. The point, in my opinion, of allowance is to teach responsibility concerning money, and to reward good behavior. Some parents give their children money because they […]

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4 Jul 2011

Independence Day 20113

Favorite holiday? Maybe. The birth of a new country is exciting, no matter what. But one based upon the ideas of liberty, self-determination, freedom of religion and the free-market? Doubly exciting. So what do the kids and I do to celebrate? Swim in a river and eat fried chicken, of course! Friends at the church […]

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28 Jun 2011

Second national publication in which I’m quoted :)1

Governor Perry’s impending visit is ending up being a good thing for getting ALGOP’s (and therefore my) name in some national publications. This one is National Journal-  The Undecided: Coming to a Presidential Campaign Near You. Or Not. Perry is scheduled to keynote a fundraising dinner for the Alabama Republican Party on August 12, one […]

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25 Jun 2011

Tim and the crazy stuff he likes to do.2

The man I’m in love with is slightly insane. In a good way, but still a bit scary at times. His idea of fun is a little extreme for me at times, but at least I’m always sure he’s being careful. He sent me this article today, probably thinking to relieve some of my concern […]

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14 Jun 2011

First National Publication in Which I Am Quoted… :)0

Rick Perry speaking at Alabama GOP dinner by Alex Pappas Texas Gov. Rick Perry is keynoting a Republican Party event in Alabama this summer. The political world continues to keep a close eye on Perry as he’s indicated he’s taking a look at running for president in 2012. (Sources: Rick Perry is running) He’s addressing the Alabama […]

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